A selection of publication by the salon members.

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    Contours Journal: Issue 10 / “In a Time of Plagues”

    To read the issue, click here. To download the entire issue, here. Some highlights: Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez: “The Malaise of Distant Bodies and the Insistence of the Letter” Alessandra Capperdoni: “Noli me tangere: The Art of Parasitology in the Time of Coronavirus” Sanem Güvenç: “Writing Solitude or the Possibility of a (Feminine) Community (without an Exception) Wayne Wapeemukma: “Contagion Castration: Lacan’s Extimacy and Fanon’s Sociogeny on Anti-Indigenous Environmental Racism and Covid-19” Contours (online:…

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    Listening with Black Lives Matter

    “Listening with Black Lives Matter” is a series of Lacanian-adjacent responses to/analyses of the current Black Lives Matter moment. Psychoanalysis and Lacanian analysis has a mixed history with respect to race, colonialism, and anti-black racism (one that Sheldon George and Derek Hook address with the new Lacan and Race collection forthcoming from Palgrave), so this might be an opportunity to demonstrate what a political-critical theory approach related to psychoanalysis might offer…

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    Lacan and the Environment

    Published by Palgrave MacMillan, 2021 Editors: Clint Burnham and Paul Kingsbury In this exciting new collection, leading and emerging Lacanian scholars seek to understand what psychoanalysis brings to debates about the environment and the climate crisis. They argue that we cannot understand climate change and all of its multifarious ramifications without first understanding how our terrifying proximity to the real undergirds our relation to the environment, how we mistake lack for…

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    Listening to Covid-19

    The pandemic caused by the virus COVID19, an event in the Real, has traversed human experience and has had an unprecedented impact, materially and fantasmatically, on notions such as space, time, body, affect, economy and politics. This is a collection of perspectives on COVID-19, mostly engaging with Lacanian psychoanalytic thought that will approach the phenomenon from one of three categories: Clinical, Cultural and/or Political.  Clint Burnham: “COVIDeology in Six Parts”  Am Johal: ”Viral…

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    Listening to Silence

    Education, the “impossible profession,” may be even more so with the alienating mediation of Zoom and other online interfaces – or is this just a symptom of our nostalgia for face-to-face pedagogy? While we are now able to reach or attend more audiences & events than before (Lacan Salon itself now has 40-50 people attending from around the world), that mediating technology is increasingly susceptible to the interferences and monetization of…