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Contours Journal: Issue 10 / “In a Time of Plagues”

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Some highlights:

Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez: “The Malaise of Distant Bodies and the Insistence of the Letter”

Alessandra Capperdoni: “Noli me tangere: The Art of Parasitology in the Time of Coronavirus”

Sanem Güvenç: “Writing Solitude or the Possibility of a (Feminine) Community (without an Exception)

Wayne Wapeemukma: “Contagion Castration: Lacan’s Extimacy and Fanon’s Sociogeny on Anti-Indigenous Environmental Racism and Covid-19”

Contours (online: ISSN 2369-2340) is the successor to the Institute for the Humanities’ previous journal, Humanitas. Its mandate is to publish original work that engages the contemporary significance of the humanities broadly understood and will therefore focus on debates within historical and contemporary social and political thought, religion, and culture.