Time-lapse of our activities so far.

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    Speaker Series presents Capitalism and Libidinal Economy: Loss and Emancipation with Mariana Hernández Urías.

    When: June 01st, 2024 @ 10AM -12PM (PST) Where: Online. Register here. Abstract: Capitalism is not merely the pursuit of profit and wealth but implies a specific rationality that seeks continuous and calculated profit, a return on investment. It is an economic and political system that does not tolerate loss without compensation. Almost everyone accepts that capitalism has effects of domination on individuals and social groups, but how far does this domination…

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    Alternate Tuesday: Facts Are Meaningless Unless You Care, by Yuya Takeda

    When: May 21st, 2024 / 7PM-9PM (PST) Where: SFU Woodwards and online. Register here. Abstract: Conspiracy theories are both timeless and timely as a topic of study. In terms of timelessness, “belief in conspiracies is,” borrowing Robert V. Bullough Jr.’s words, “probably as old as human language and certainly as old as war.” Despite this, academic research on conspiracy theories is rather new. According to Katharina Thalmann, the first wave of…

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    Speaker Series: On Fantasy in Psychoanalysis by Marco Antonio Coutinho

    Date: May 04th, 2024 Time: 10am to 12pm (PST) Location: Zoom, register here. Description From Freud to Lacan, the concept of fantasy has a central character in psychoanalytic theory; the involvement of fantasy within their conceptual apparatus is impressive. It is no coincidence that psychoanalysis was born when Freud gave up the technique of hypnosis, because instead of hypnotizing the patient, it stimulates his awakening from a hypnosis in which he…

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    The Radiance of Object Petit a

    The radiance of object petit aFacilitated by Hilda Fernandez Date: May 07th, 2024 @ 7-9pm (PST) Where: SFU Woodwards and online. Register here. I am about to start a session when I receive a call from my sister who tells me that my mother passed away in the hospital. I hear the news, and something invades my mind and my body. Overwhelmed with mental fog and sluggishness in my body: I cannot…

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    Towards a school: Lacan Salon in conversation with Corpo Freudiano

    When: April 13, May 18, June 15, June 29, 2024 – 10 am to 12pm (PST) Where: Online. Register for the June 15 date here and for June 29th here. The Lacan Salon, the first English-speaking group in Canada dedicated to the study of Lacanian psychoanalysis, was co-founded in 2007 by Hilda Fernandez, Paul Kingsbury, Clint Burnham and Jesse Proudfoot. Vancouver, Canada is situated on the unceded traditional territories of the…

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    Alternate Tuesday: On the question of the feminine becoming an ism?

    Where: Online. Register here for Zoom link. When: June 18th, 07-09 pm (PST) On the question of the feminine becoming an ism? Facilitated by Leigh Tennant The concept of femininity traverses psychoanalysis, philosophy, feminism and popular culture and never fails to create movement. Femininity is deconstructed, rejected, idolized and censored in the social link but from a Freudo-Lacanian perspective, and in the context of the Alternate Tuesday discussions, what even is…