This section presents initiatives related to psychoanalytic practices. It aims to encourage spaces of open discussion and non-dogmatic clinical inquiry.

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    Clinical Seminar III: “The Institutional Unconscious”

    Presented by Hilda Fernandez, MA, RCC, with kind support of Lacan Salon and SFU Institute for the Humanities 10 sessions starting January 2019. Open to all and free of charge This seminar will advance ways in which the unconscious appears in institutional practices by mapping the positions that speakers and their interlocutors occupy in language and the terms of exchange materialized in the social relation they sustain. Following Lacan’s theory of…

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    Clinical Seminar IV: “What Makes a Psychoanalyst?”

    Registration is now closed. 7 sessions from March 18, 2023 – June 17, 2023 Fortnight Saturdays 10:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. SFU Harbour Centre. Hybrid format. In this seminar, we will read central texts by Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan that pertain to the question of what makes a psychoanalyst and what inheres a psychoanalytic practice. We also will read contemporary texts to explore, within our present circumstances, what are the…

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    Clinical Seminar II: “Approaching the Symbolic, Real and Imaginary in Clinical Practices”

    To sustain a clinical practice, analysts and psychotherapists rely on a theoretical framework that defines their assumptions about human nature. Such theory informs the logic that guides their interventions and therefore impacts the results of such treatment. From a Lacanian perspective, human subjectivity is understood through three registers: the Symbolic, the Real and the Imaginary. Roughly speaking, within the Symbolic realm we locate language, culture, discourse and desire. The register of the Real brings about…

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    Clinical Seminar I: “On the Therapeutic Act”

    The practice of psychotherapy calls for a necessary and ongoing reflection on the means, aims and conduction of the therapeutic process. The manner in which therapists approach their act involves an ethical responsibility and depends on the theoretical assumptions they hold as valid, useful and truthful. This Seminar offers an introductory frame that addresses psychodynamic as well as ethical and practical issues in the conduction of a psychotherapeutic act. We will…