Alternate Tuesdays

In alternate tuesdays, volunteer discussions of psychoanalytical themes and ideas.

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    The Radiance of Object Petit a

    The radiance of object petit aFacilitated by Hilda Fernandez Date: To be announced. Where: SFU Woodwards I am about to start a session when I receive a call from my sister who tells me that my mother passed away in the hospital. I hear the news, and something invades my mind and my body. Overwhelmed with mental fog and sluggishness in the body: I cannot cry, speak or think.  In a psychoanalytic conference in New York, a mature…

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    Lacan with No Theory

    Tuesday, November 14, 2023 Juan Luis de la Mora will be facilitating a hands-on introduction to some Lacanian concepts.   Topology studies the properties of shapes without worrying about distances or measurements. It describes how things are connected and related to each other and how they can be transformed without tearing or gluing. This means the appearance of a topological object is not as important as its connectedness and structural characteristics. Lacan…