Speaker Series

A series of talks offered by the Lacan Salon with specialists in the field.

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    Speaker Series presents Capitalism and Libidinal Economy: Loss and Emancipation with Mariana Hernández Urías.

    When: June 01st, 2024 @ 10AM -12PM (PST) Where: Online. Register here. Abstract: Capitalism is not merely the pursuit of profit and wealth but implies a specific rationality that seeks continuous and calculated profit, a return on investment. It is an economic and political system that does not tolerate loss without compensation. Almost everyone accepts that capitalism has effects of domination on individuals and social groups, but how far does this domination…

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    Speaker Series: On Fantasy in Psychoanalysis by Marco Antonio Coutinho

    Date: May 04th, 2024 Time: 10am to 12pm (PST) Location: Zoom, register here. Description From Freud to Lacan, the concept of fantasy has a central character in psychoanalytic theory; the involvement of fantasy within their conceptual apparatus is impressive. It is no coincidence that psychoanalysis was born when Freud gave up the technique of hypnosis, because instead of hypnotizing the patient, it stimulates his awakening from a hypnosis in which he…

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    Speaker Series: Eve Watson

    An Exegesis of the Case Study and its Significance in the Teaching and Transmission of Psychoanalysis When: April 06th, 2024 / 10 am to 12 pm (PST) Where: Online. Register here. About the event: The case study has been indispensable to psychoanalytic praxis and transmitting psychoanalytic practice. But what is a case study exactly? What qualifies and doesn’t qualify? Without cases, our development as practitioners would be limited. There are many…

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    Speaker Series: Dan Collins

    On Jacques Lacan’s Middle Seminars (XII and XIII) In collaboration with SFU Institute for the Humanities When: March 26th, 7PM to 9PM Where: Room 2205, SFU Woodwards Description: The “middle seminars” occupy a curious position in Lacan’s career. Between the major turning points of Seminar 11, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, and Seminar 17, The Other Side of Psychoanalysis, the middle seminars occupy an ambiguous terrain. In Seminar 11, Lacan insisted upon …

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    From Signs to Signifiers: Art and Language in Autism, by Leon Brenner.

    Date: Saturday, March 02, 2024 Time: 10 am (PST) Place: Online, register here. Abstract: Specificities in linguistic development deeply impact the ability of autistic individuals to encode and communicate complex concepts, particularly those that are general, ambiguous, or abstract. This challenge extends beyond mere language skills, significantly influencing their emotional and social navigation. In this talk, we will explore the implementation of art therapy in strengthening the linguistic capabilities of those…

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    Alireza Taheri: The Late Modern Crisis of Sexuality

    What Can Psychoanalysis Provide Beyond the Clash Between the Ideologies of Essentialism and Total Freedom?  When: Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST) Online Registration Abstract: Psychoanalysis holds that humans are speaking beings derailed from nature by speech and language. We are thus without essence, orphaned by nature. We therefore require cultural institutions to provide supplementation for this lack. Human cultures have always faced the task of regulating…