Speaker Series

A series of talks offered by the Lacan Salon with specialists in the field.

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    From Signs to Signifiers: Art and Language in Autism, by Leon Brenner.

    Date: Saturday, March 02, 2024 Time: 10 am (PST) Place: Online, register here. Abstract: Specificities in linguistic development deeply impact the ability of autistic individuals to encode and communicate complex concepts, particularly those that are general, ambiguous, or abstract. This challenge extends beyond mere language skills, significantly influencing their emotional and social navigation. In this talk, we will explore the implementation of art therapy in strengthening the linguistic capabilities of those…

  • 2024,  2024,  Archive,  Meetings,  Speaker Series

    “Horses and Humans, Sociology and Psychoanalysis”, A Talk by Janet Haney

    Date: TBA Abstract: In this talk I am thinking about three impossible relationships and to try to invent ways to live with and learn from the struggle each one represents. First there is the difference between the university discourse and that of the psychoanalyst. Then there is the specificity of the difference between sociology and psychoanalysis as practices. And thirdly, there are the differences that arise between the human and other animals,…

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    Alireza Taheri: The Late Modern Crisis of Sexuality

    What Can Psychoanalysis Provide Beyond the Clash Between the Ideologies of Essentialism and Total Freedom?  When: Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST) Online Registration Abstract: Psychoanalysis holds that humans are speaking beings derailed from nature by speech and language. We are thus without essence, orphaned by nature. We therefore require cultural institutions to provide supplementation for this lack. Human cultures have always faced the task of regulating…

  • 2023,  2023,  Archive,  Media,  Meetings,  Speaker Series

    Dany Nobus: Transformations of Lacan’s teaching and institutional transmissions from 1963 till 1967.

    Saturday, November 4, 2023 · 10 am – 12 pm PDT Online This inaugural talk of the Lacan Salon Speaker’s Series for 2023-24, Dany Nobus will present a lecture on the transformations in Lacan’s teaching and institutional transmissions from 1963 to 1967. Dany Nobus is a Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychology at Brunel University London, a Founding Scholar of the British Psychoanalytic Council, and a former Chair and Fellow of the Freud…

  • 2023,  2023,  Archive,  Meetings,  Speaker Series

    Francine Danniau: Exiled Tongues and Tales

    Saturday, December 2 – 10am PST Online Refugees coming to an analytical practice are bringing along their tongues and tales. How to approach when none of us, refugee and analyst is speaking the same tongue. I will speak about my encounter with some of these analysands, refugees but not refusing to speak. Jacques Alain Miller refers to working with people not speaking the same native language. He says it brings in…