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When the desire of the analyst meets the desire of the writer, what happens next?

“When the Desire of the Psychoanalyst meets the Desire of the Writer, what happens next?”

Facilitated by Désirée Jung

When: April 09th, 2024

Where: SFU Woodwards, Room 2205, 7pm-9pm (PST)

The even will be hybrid. For zoom link, register here.

My name is Désirée Jung, and I am a writer and artist from Vancouver. I am also an analysand, a Brazilian, a Canadian, a sexuated woman, a void, and many other things I can’t fit into words. You can get to know me better here

My intention on proposing this conversation is not to lecture, nor to teach anyone about any of these topics. Rather, I would like to present a bit of my own experience into both fields, writing and psychoanalysis, and how, for me, they differ and intersect, as well as create possibilities out of impossibilities, beginning with an authorization: when does one decides to start to write and or to speak?

This act is an attempt to bring together these two disciplines (or impossible professions) that have always fascinated me, moreover since I started to write and speak in analysis, at least fifteen years now.

There is no goal in this encounter. The only agenda, if one, is to gather and talk freely about this strange reconnaissance: writers and psychoanalysts? Are they really strangers from each other?

I will present a selection of my own video poetry (maximum 20-25 minutes) and reflect briefly about the process of authorizing oneself to write as well as to speak, and then we can share the floor and talk!

These are some of the questions I have in my mind, and anyone can bring their own to the list:

  1. What is the function of the writer, and does it need a desire? 
  2. Who speaks when one writes? Who listens? 
  3. Is the psychoanalyst a white page? 
  4. Who is the I in writing? 
  5. Who is the eye in psychoanalysis?
  6. What is more important, the act of writing, the act of speaking or the end product?
  7. What happens to all those analysands who do not desire to become psychoanalysts?

My intention, in a way, is to try to start a conversation between the two disciplines. 

Suggested Reading:

On the Rights of Being Mad, by Désirée Jung. Download here.

Do Direito de Ser Louca, por Désirée Jung. Download here.

Bartebly&Company, by Henrique Vila-Matas.

Suggested listening:

Spotify Playlist: a selection of “I” lyrics in not-all idioms. 

Have fun and hope to see you there at the Alternate Tuesday!