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Alternate Tuesday: On the question of the feminine becoming an ism?

Where: Online. (contactlacansalon@gmail.com for zoom link)

When: June 04th, 07-09 pm (PST)

On the question of the feminine becoming an ism?

Facilitated by Leigh Tennant

This concept of femininity traverses psychoanalysis, philosophy, feminism and popular culture and never fails to create movement. Femininity is deconstructed, rejected, idolized and censored in the social link but from a Freudo-Lacanian perspective, and in the context of the Alternate Tuesday discussions, what even is this femininity we speak? 

AVATARS. THE DESIRE TO BE FEMALE by Sergio Benvenuto is an interesting text in a time when many people no longer desire to be female and are choosing to be something else entirely. However, he is right to question principles in popular culture that would have men occupy the degraded, silent position so that women can speak without being challenged. Is this merely the black mirror of the binary logic of the signifier we desire to exceed? For this Alternate Tuesday Discussion, I propose an alternate feminine-ism to Benvenuto’s straw women, inspired by Freudo-Lacanian psychoanalysis. 

I have become interested in the work of Lucie Cantin, Danielle Bergeron and Willy Apollon who founded the Interdisciplinary Group of Freudian Research and Clinical and Cultural Intervention and the 388, a psychoanalytic treatment center for young adult psychotics in Quebec. GIFRIC’s Freudo-Lacanianism is ideal for an alternate Tuesday discussion because Apollon’s metapsychology combines psychoanalysis with anthropology to exceed ethnocentricism and cultural imperialism in psychoanalytic theory and practice. Correspondingly, the feminine is a key concept within his metapsychology. 

I will start the session by reading a short paper, but I welcome an open discussion on the texts referenced below. 

Biography: Leigh Tennant is enthusiastic about spreading the effects of psychoanalysis in North America. Tennant was committed to the study and production of contemporary art and found an ideal context for this act at U.B.C. finishing her M.F.A in 2017. This commitment has morphed into an active participation in and love for psychoanalysis. The Lacan Salon has provided a satisfying point to orbit since then. Tennant lives in the beautiful desert landscape of Tkʼemlúps te Secwépemc, Kamloops B.C.

Texts and audio to support the conversation:

Sergio Benvenuto  – AVATARS. THE DESIRE TO BE FEMALE, download here

Marie-Hélène Brousse – Feminism With Lacan, download here

Lucie Cantin – Castration, in the podcast PENUMBRA(a)CAST