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Towards a school: Lacan Salon in conversation with Corpo Freudiano

When: April 13, May 18, June 08, June 15 2024 – 10 am to 12pm (PST)

Where: Online. Register for April 13 event here.

Other dates will have a different Zoom link and will require a new registration. So come back when near the dates.

The Lacan Salon, the first English-speaking group in Canada dedicated to the study of Lacanian psychoanalysis, was co-founded in 2007 by Hilda Fernandez, Paul Kingsbury, Clint Burnham and Jesse Proudfoot. Vancouver, Canada is situated on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh Nations. The Salon has been a unique space of confluence between the academy, the clinic, the artistic community and the community at large, enriching the intellectual life of the city of Vancouver, Canada, through the discussion of Jacques Lacan’s Seminars and their connection to relevant contemporary issues.

The Lacan Salon has been nourished by the desire of many people who have participated in its various initiatives since 2007. The core activity has been reading Lacan’s Seminars and meeting to discuss them on fortnightly Tuesdays from September to June. Throughout the 16 years of the Lacan Salon’s life, there have been about 500 people participating in the Salon at different times. The number of participants expanded during the pandemic when the Salon incorporated a hybrid model (in person and Zoom), to which we continue to commit.

In 2014 we became a society and our initiatives have been guided by a committed board of directors. You can review the names and backgrounds of the current board here. We have organized: four Lacan Salon conferences – LaConference 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2019;  other conferences in collaboration with the Association of Psychoanalytic Workgroups, with SFU’s Institute for the Humanities and other departments; several Clinical Seminars; our current Speaker Series; various smaller study groups or “cartels”; and publications, among them an edited collection on Lacan and the Environment (edited by C. Burnham and P. Kinsgbury), and one the COVID-19 pandemic In a time of plagues (edited by Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez and Ted Byrne). The Lacan Salon continues to be motivated by the various initiatives and leaderships that emerge from within the community.

Recently the Lacan Salon has started to explore the possibility of becoming a school of psychoanalysis to respond to the need for rigorous formation on Lacanian psychoanalysis in this region and to alleviate the increasing demand for analysts of this school of thought in the city, and the possibilities available to us under government regulations. 

We believe that studying the work of Jacques Lacan should include a rigorous analysis of Sigmund Freud’s oeuvre, as it provides the basis on which Lacan developed his theories and also offers the analyst a solid ground to develop theoretical notions and the direction of the treatment.

We are engaging in some conversations with Corpo Freudiano, which is a psychoanalytic school founded in 1994 in Rio de Janeiro and that currently counts about 700 members within various regions of Brazil, the US and France and which centers its efforts on reading the work of Lacan in constant dialogue with Freud’s work.

 We will be addressing some of the following questions:

Why Corpo Freudiano? 

What are the crucial elements of transmission in a school of psychoanalysis

What has been the experience in your region with regard to the desire for a School?

Corpo Freudiano history and influences

Responsibilities/duties and rights of becoming a section of Corpo Freudiano

Formation of psychoanalysts (Basic formation, permanent formation) 

What is the process for becoming Associates, Analysts in formation, Analyst of the school. Are there other types of member (AME, AP)? What are the differences inside of the school regarding different types of membership?

Own Analysis, Supervision, Clinical practice

What are the various sections of the organization about: clinical secretary, dispositive of clinical case, clinical supervision (transferential vector, group, individual)

Difficulties with regard regulations and certification

International Colloquia, participation

Financial responsibilities


April 13: Marco Antonio Coutinho: On the structure and history of Corpo Freudiano (RJ) & Maria Fernanda Bumlai: The structure of the formation in the school (Cuiabá).

May 18: Ana Lucia Carvalho. On the constitution and structure of Corpo Freudiano (João Pessoa).

Denise Maurano : On the ethics of psychoanalysis and the importance of its regulation. (RJ)

June 8: Sonia Leite : What is the purpose of the cartel in the school? (RJ)

& Marcos Cancado: Analytic space in Freud and Lacan (USA).

June 15: Laéria Fontenele: The place of the institution and its model for the analytical foundation. (SP) & Paolo Lollo: School, Free…Association, Laboratory of the Artist. (France)