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Speaker Series: Eve Watson

An Exegesis of the Case Study and its Significance in the Teaching and Transmission of Psychoanalysis

When: April 06th, 2024 / 10 am to 12 pm (PST)

Where: Online. Register here.

About the event:

The case study has been indispensable to psychoanalytic praxis and transmitting psychoanalytic practice. But what is a case study exactly? What qualifies and doesn’t qualify? Without cases, our development as practitioners would be limited. There are many different kinds of case studies and clinical vignettes and what seems to characterise them all is their incompleteness. We will explore this “incompleteness” and its connection to a case study being both a satisfactory and an unsatisfactory mode of transmitting psychoanalytic praxis.


Eve Watson lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. She has a psychoanalytic practice in Dublin’s city centre and is an academic and writer. Her book (w/Dr. Noreen Giffney) is Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory (Punctum Books, 2017). She has book chapters on the voice, melancholia, and the impact of the small screen on clinical practice, and has published on children and transgenderism, female sexuality, group psychology, and film. She is editing two book collections, one on the drive (Routledge) and the other on Freud’s case studies in contemporary contexts (Routledge), both due in 2024. She is the course director of the Freud Lacan institute, Dublin. In 2022, she was the Erikson Scholar-in-Residence at the Austen Riggs Centre in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.