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Fall 2009 / Spring 2010 Schedule

Fall 2009 / Seminar XVII

By Jacques Lacan

The Other Side of Psychoanalysis

Aug 25 

Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez

Introduction by Hilda Fernandez; Chapter I, “Production of the Four Discourses” (pp. 11–26).

Sept. 8 

Facilitated by Dave Gaertner and Myka Abramson

Chapters II, “The Master and the Hysteric” & III, “Knowledge, a Means of Jouissance” (pp. 29–53);

Jacques-Alain-Miller, “On Shame” (11–28)*

Sigmund Freud, “Fragment Of An Analysis Of A Case Of Hysteria (Dora) (1905).  Dora case presented by Clint Burnham.

Sept. 22 

Facilitated by Marc Acherman and Carrie Pollack

Chapters IV, “Truth, the Sister of Jouissance” & V, “The Lacanian field” (54–83);

Ellie Ragland, “The Hysteric’s Truth” (69–87)*.

Oct. 6 

Facilitated by Alessandra Capperdoni

Chapter VI, “The Castrated Master” (pp. 87–101);

Eric Laurent, “Symptom and discourse” (229–253)*

George Steiner, “Lessons of the Masters” (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2003).

Steiner reading presented by Hilda Fernandez

Oct 20 

Facilitated by Jesse Proudfoot and Paul Kingsbury

Chapters VII, “Oedipus and Moses and the father of the horde”, and VIII, “From myth to structure” (pp. 102–132);

Sigmund Freud “Moses and Monotheism” (1939)

Sigmund Freud  “Letters 70 and 71 to Fliess”

Paul Verhaeghe, “Enjoyment and Impossibility: Lacan’s Revision of the Oedipus Complex” (29–49)*.

With a screening of Martin Arnold’s “Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy” presented by Jesse Proudfoot.

Nov. 3 

Facilitated by all the members

Chapter IX, “Yahweh’s Ferocious Ignorance” (pp. 133–140);

Russell Grigg, “Beyond the Oedipus Complex” (50–68)*.

Nov. 17 

Facilitated by Cristian Dzierzawa and Richard Welch

Chapters X, “Interview on the Steps of the Pantheon”, XI, “Furrows in the Alethosphere” (pp. 143–163);

Oliver Feltham, “Enjoy your Stay: Structural Change in Seminar XVII (179–194)*.

Dec. 1 

Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez

Chapter XII, “The Impotence of Truth” (pp. 164–179);

Slavoj Zizek, “Objet a in Social Links” (107–128)*.

Zizek reading presented by Clint Burnham

Dec. 15 

Facilitated by Jason Starnes

Chapter XIII, “The Power of the Impossibles, Analyticon” (pp. 180–208);

Dominick Hoens, “Toward a New Perversion: Psychoanalysis” (88–103)*

Sigmund Freud,  “Analysis Terminable And Interminable” (1937).

Freud reading presented by Andrew Shmuely

*from Clemens & Griggs, eds., Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis: Reflections on Seminar XVII.  Duke University Press, 2007.

Spring 2010 Schedule

On Feminine Sexuality: The Limits Of Love And Knowledge

By Jacques Lacan

Seminar XX

Jan. 5 

Introduction by Hilda Fernandez

Chapter I, On Jouissance (pp. 1-13)

Suzanne Barnard, Introduction (1-20)*

Jan. 19 

Chapters II, To Jakobson & III, The Function of the Written (14-37);

Freud, “The Sexual Abnormalities” in Three Essays On the Theory of Sexuality (1905) Standard Edition (SE) Vol. 7 (123-156)

Freud, “Sexuality in Childhood” in Three Essays On the Theory of Sexuality (1905) SE Vol. 7 (157-188)

Freud reading presented by Clint Burnham

Feb. 2 

Chapter IV, Love and the Signifier (38-50); Facilitated by Marc Acherman

Freud, “Metamorphosis of Puberty” in Three Essays On the Theory of Sexuality (1905) SE Vol. 7 (189-222)

Bruce Fink, Knowledge and Jouissance (21-46)*

Freud reading presented by Jesse Proudfoot

March 2 

Chapter V, Aristotle and Freud: the Other Satisfaction (51-63); Facilitated by Richard Welch

Freud, “A Special Type Of Choice Of Object Made By Men” (1910) Contributions to the Psychology of Love I. SE Vol. 11 (163-175) Freud

reading presented by Hilda Fernandez and Jesse Proudfoot

Colette Soler, Hysteria in Scientific Discourse (47-56)*

Mar. 16 

Chapter VI, God and Woman’s jouissance (64-77); Facilitated by Dave Gaertner

Freud, “On The Universal Tendency To Debasement In The Sphere Of Love” (1912) Contributions to the Psychology of Love II SE Vol. 11 (177-190) Freud reading presented by Alessandra Capperdoni

Slavoj Žižek, The Real of Sexual Difference (57-76)* Presented by Jason Starnes

Mar. 30 

Chapter VII, A Love Letter (78-89); Facilitated by Alessandra Capperdoni

Freud, “The Taboo Of Virginity” Contributions to the Psychology of Love III (1918) SE Vol. 11 (191-208)

Freud reading presented by Hilda Fernandez

Geneviève Morel, “Feminine Conditions of Jouissance” (77-92)*

Apr. 13 

Chapter VIII, Knowledge and Truth (90-103); Facilitated by Chris Dzierzawa

Freud, “On The Sexual Theories Of Children” (1908) SE Vol 9 (205-226)

Lacan, “Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality” (1960) Ecrits (610-644)

Presented by Marc Acherman

Renata Salecl, Love Anxieties (93-98)* Presented by Alessandra Capperdoni

Apr. 27 

Chapter IX, On the Baroque (104-117); Facilitated by Desire Jung

Lacan, “The Signification of the Phallus” (1958) Écrits (575-584)

Paul Verhaeghe, Lacan’s Answer to the Classical Mind/Body Deadlock: Retracing Freud’s Beyond (109-140)*

Colette Soler, “What does the Unconscious know about Women?” (99-108)*

May 11 

Chapter X, Rats of String (118-136); Facilitated by Clint Burnham

Andrew Cutrofello: The Ontological Status of Lacan’s Mathematical Paradigms (141-170)*

May 25 

Chapter XI: The Rat in the Maze; Facilitated by Andrew Shmuely

Suzanne Barnard: Tongues of Angels: Feminine Structure and Other Jouissance (171-186)*

*from Barnard & Fink, eds., Reading Seminar XX: Lacan’s Major Work on Love, Knowledge, and Feminine Sexuaity, SUNY UP, 2002.