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Fall 2008 / Spring 2009

Freud’s Papers on Technique (1953–54)

By Jacques Lacan

Seminar I

September 2 

Facilitated by Clint Burnham

September 16

Facilitated by Clint Burnham

    IV: The ego and the other; V: Introduction and reply to Jean Hyppolite’s presentation of Freud’s Verneinung; Hyppolite “A Spoken Commentary on Freud’s Verneinung (see Appendix); VI: Discourse analysis and ego analysis; Freud “Negation” [SE XIX 235-9].

September 30

 Facilitated by Dave Gaertner

The Topic of the Imaginary VII: The topic of the imaginary; VIII: The wolf! The wolf!

October 14 

Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez

IX: On Narcissism; X: The two narcissisms; Freud “On Narcissism: An Introduction” [SE XIV 67-102]).

October 28

Facilitated by Alessandra Caperdoni

XI: Ego-ideal and ideal ego; XII: Zeitlich-Entwicklungsgeschichte; Beyond Psychology XIII: The see-saw of desire.

November 11 

Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez and Paul Kingsbury

XIV: The fluctuations of the libido; XV: The nucleus of repression; Michael Balint’s Blind Alleys XVI: Preliminary interventions

on Balint; XVII: The object relation and the intersubjective relation.

November 25 

Facilitated by Jesse Proudfoot

XVIII: The symbolic order; Speech in the Transference XIX: The creative function of speech; XX: De locutionis significatione.

December 9 

Facilitated by Calen Nixon and Paulina Moreno

XXI: Truth emerges from the mistake; XXII: The concept of analysis.

Spring 2009

The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (1964–65)

By Jacques Lacan

 Seminar XI

January 6 

Facilitated by Hilda Fernandez

Context by Hilda Fernandez; Chapter I: Excommunication.

January 20

Facilitated by Janet Oakes

The Unconscious and Repetition: II: The Freudian Unconscious and Ours, III: Of the Subject of Uncertainty.

Freud’s Reading “On the Psychology of the Dream Process” (1900) (Presented by Ofelia Ros)

February 3 

Facilitated by Calen Nixon and Paulina Moreno

IV: Of the Network of Signifiers, V: Tuché and Automaton.

Freud’s Reading “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” (1920) and “Letter 52 to Fliess” (presented by Jesse Proudfoot).

February 17 

Facilitated by Niall Man and Nazie Naraghi

Of the Gaze as Objet petit a: VI: The Split Between the Eye and the Gaze, VII Anamorphosis.

Merleau Ponty’s Reading Part II of Phenomenology of Perception (presented by Niall Mann).

VIII: The Line and the Light, IX What is a picture?.

March 3

Facilitated by Niall Mann

March 31 

Facilitated by Ofelia Ros

March 17

Facilitated by Jason Starnes

April 02

The Transference and the Drive: X: Presence of the Analyst, XI: Analysis and Truth or the Closure of the Unconscious.

Freud’s Reading “Remembering, Repeating, Working Through” (1914) (presented by Hilda Fernandez).

XII: Sexuality in the Defiles of the Signifier, XIII: The Deconstruction of the Drive.

Freud’s Reading “Instincts and Its Vicissitudes” (1915) (presented by Marc Acherman).

April 14 

Facilitated by Paul Kingsbury

XIV: The Partial Drive and its Circuit, XV: From Love to Libido.

April 28 

Facilitated by Dave Gaertner

The Field of the Other and Back to the Transference: XVI: The Subject and the Other: Alienation, XVII: The Subject and

the Other: Aphanisis.

May 12

Facilitated by Clint Burnham

XVIII: Of the Subject Supposed to Know, of the first Dyad and of the Good, IXX: From Interpretation to the Transference.

Freud’s Reading “Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego” (1921) (presented by Jon Smith).

May 26 

Facilitated by Nancy Gillespie

To Conclude: XX: In you more than you.