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Summer 2012 / Lacan Salon Reading Group

Žižek reading group

Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism

Venue: Access Gallery 222 E Georgia

7-9 pm Tuesdays

July 3

Introduction, Part I: The Drink Before; Chapter 1 Vacillating the Semblances,

Chapter 2 Where There is Nothing, Read that I love you (pp 1-135)

July 10 

Chapt 3 Fichte’s Choice, Part II: The Thing Itself: Hegel; Chapt 4 Is it still possible to be a Hegelian today? (pp 137-240)

July 17 

Interlude 1: Marx as a Reader of Hegel, Hegel as a Reader of Marx; Chapt. 5 Parataxis: Figures of the Dialectical Process; Interlude 2: Cogito in the History of Madness (pp 241-358)

July 24 

Chapt. 6: Not only as Substance, but Also as Subject; Interlude 3: King, Rabble, War … and Sex (pp 359-453)

July 31 

Chapt. 7 The Limits of Hegel; Part III: The Thing Itself: Lacan; Chapt 8 Lacan as a Reader of Hegel (pp 455 – 555)

Aug 7 

Interlude 4: Borrowing from the Future, Changing the Past; Chapt. 9: Suture and Pure Difference; Interlude 5: Correlationism and its Discontents; Chapt. 10 Objects, Objects Everywhere (pp 557-713)

Aug 14 

Interlude 6: Cognitivism and the Loop of Self-Positing; Chapt. 11 The Non-All, or, the Ontology of Sexual Difference; Part IV: The Cigarette After; Chapt 12: The Foursome of Terror, Anxiety, Courage … and Enthusiasm (pp 715-858)

Aug 21 

Chapt. 13 The Foursome of Struggle, Historicity, Will … and Gelassenheit, Chapt. 14: The Ontology of Quantum Physics; Conclusion (pp 859-1010).