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Spring 2016 / Fall 2016 Schedule

Transference, by Jacques Lacan, Book VIII

Translated by Bruce Fink

Spinoza’s Ethics

Presented by Neven Knezevic

Feb. 15th – Oct. 18

January 5 

I. In the Beginning Was Love

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

January 19

II. Set and Characters

Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury

February 2

III. The Metaphor of Love: Phaedrus

Facilitator: Pascal Christeller

February 16

Introduction and Spinoza’s Doctrine of Substance, Overview of Ethics I

Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

IV. The Psychology of the Rich: Pausanias

Facilitator: Felipe Palau

March 1

V. Medical Harmony: Eryximachus

Facilitator: Lalo Espejo

March 15

Ethics II

Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

VI. Deriding the Sphere: Aristophanes

Facilitator: (Not) All

March 29

VII. The Atopia of Eros: Agathon

Facilitator: Erin Soros

April 12

Ethics III

Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

VIII. From Epistéme to Mýthos

IX. Exit from the Ultra-World

Facilitator: (Not) All

April 26

X. Ágalma

XI. Between Socrates and Alcibiades

Facilitator: Pascal Christeller

May 10

Ethics IV: Nevin Knezevic

XII. Transference in the Present

XIII. A Critique of Countertransference

Facilitator: Ted Byrne

May 24

XIV. Demand and Desire in the Oral and Anal Stages

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

June 7

Ethics V: Nevin Knezevic

XV. Oral, Anal, and Genital

June 21

XVI. Psyche and the Castration Complex

Fall 2016

September 6

XVII. The Symbol Phi

Facilitator: Christopher Dzierzawa

September 20

Ethics VI

Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

XVIII. Real Presence

Facilitator: Wayne Wapeemukwa

October 4

XIX. Sygne’s No

XX. Turelure’s Abjection

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

October 18

Ethics VII

Facilitator: Neven Knezevic

XXI. Pensée’s Desire

Facilitator: Group Facilitation

November 1

XXII. Structural Decomposition

Facilitator: Ted Bryne

November 15

XXIII. Slippage in the Meaning of the Ideal


November 29

XXIV. Identification via “ein einziger Zug”


December 13

XXV. The Relationship between Anxiety and Desire

Facilitator: Clint Burnham

XXVI. “A Dream of a Shadow Is Man”

Facilitator: Hilda Fernandez

XXVII. Mourning the Loss of the Analyst

Facilitator: Paul Kingsbury


Transference: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book VIII

The Essential Spinoza: Ethics and Related Writings

The God of Metaphysics